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Friday, February 28, 2003
Iran, Iraq and the US

Thanks to the excellent National Security Archive I have been looking over some declassified US documents on the Iran/Iraq war, and US relations with Iraq. While none of this new, it's always interesting to read the documents.

A document states "In July and August 1983, the Iraqis reportedly used a chemical agent with lethal effects against and Iranian forces invading Iraq at Haj Umran, and more recently against Kurdish insurgents." (21/11/83)

A document (14/12/83) details ambassador Rumsfeld's planned topics of discussion during his visit to Iraq. No mention is made of chemical weapons.

In this cable, it is stated "In his 90-minute meeting with Rumsfeld, Saddam Hussein showed obvious pleasure with President's letter and Rumsfeld's visit and in his remarks. Removed whatever obstacles remained in the way of resuming diplomatic relations, but did not take the decision to do so". (21/12/83)

The whole collection, and accompanying story can be found here, it appears that the US, did oppose the Iraqi's use of chemical weapons for PR reasons. For time period covered, they tried to improve reactions with Iraq.
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