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Monday, March 31, 2003
Clayton Cramer is a Intellectual Coward

One type of behavior which really annoys me is slurring a large diverse group with the views of a minority.

With this in mind, I've decided to flame Clayton Cramer (not because he's more or less guilty of this than many other bloggers, but rather I have to pick on somebody, so why not him?).

I'll make my case by selecting a headline from his blog:

"A Heart-Warming Story To Upset Peace Activists Everywhere" which is followed by a story of Iraq's giving US troops food.

My gripe, is that the vast majority of peace activists wouldn't be upset by the thought of Iraqi's liking US soldiers. A small minority would be, but to slander the majority of peace activists with this POV, would be like stating that Murray from Silent Running speaks for all pro-war people.

In my non-so humble opinion, this slandering should only be used by those too cowardly to engage in honest debate.

| 7:15 PM