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Sunday, March 23, 2003
It's Tunnel Vision Jim, But Not As We Know It

There is an interesting comment by Ken Parish in this blog by Wayne Wood. It's a bit off- topic, but still interesting:

Sadly the left, which was once a voice of conscience and morality in the days of Vietnam and Pinochet, has now been reduced to a state of utter moral bankruptcy, where it mostly seeks to defend the supposed sovereign rights of bloodthirsty, corrupt dictators to continue persecuting their own people and exporting terror without let or hindrance. This pathetic state of affairs seems to have been reached because of the left's tunnel vision hatred of American capitalism and belief in a mythical international order. There is a desperate need for the left to re-invent itself in a principled way, because there remain many negative aspects to unrestrained capitalism and unrestrained US hegemony. At present, however, there is no sign of any sensible analysis from anywhere on the left that I've seen.

As somebody who considers themselves a lefty, I suspect that what we are seeing here is Ken's own prejudices and tunnel vision in action. I've posted links to a couple of lefty essays which would not support Ken P's thesis. There are of course far more than this floating around the internet.

Very few lefties would defend Iraq's sovereign rights, rather most people with anti-war views have much more humane justifications for their views. Ken's gross stereotyping, and ignoring of inconvenient facts does nothing to support an intelligent debate.

If you carefully select evidence that supports your case, while ignoring other evidence that doesn't, any sort of rubbish can be justified. The six thousand year old earth creationists are the perfect case in point. Ken P also did the same thing a few days ago when he compared the dishonest of certain climate scientists with John Daly's ignorance and/or dishonesty. Can he find examples of the people he named which would put them in the same boat as Daly - I doubt it.
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