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Tuesday, April 15, 2003
Green House Gases Vs. The Sun

An interesting theory has recently been post on about whether changes in the sun or greenhouse gases are causing the recent warming.

It essentially goes like this:

If GHG are the major cause of the recent warming, one would expect the warming to be greater at the higher latitudes. This is because the air is drier (water vapour is the biggest GHG) so gases like CO2 are of significantly greater importance.

Whereas, if the warming was caused by solar changes, the greatest warming trend should be at the lower latitudes (because these areas get more sunlight).

So what have the warming trends been like...

This site allows you to draw up your own map of warming trends and anomalies. To construct your own map, you will need to change the ocean from none to Hadyl/Reyn_v2, the map type to trends, and the time interval to 1880 - 2003.

So what do we see... the areas of greatest warming are at the higher latitudes.

In reality, the worlds climate variability, is effected (at least at these time scales) by GHG, solar effects and aerosols, but this simple observation, does large amounts of damage to those who claim that the recent warming is mostly solar induced.

Source: Roger Coppock
| 5:24 PM