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Friday, April 25, 2003
John Daly

Since I'm cleaning out my old emails, I should also deal with John Daly.

I while I mentioned that Daly had replied to my email about his critique of the Mann paper (for new readers to my blog, this post contains links to earlier posts on the subject of John Daly). He has hasn't replied to my request to publish his email on my blog, so I'll just summarise what he said.

Out of the three objections that I had with his description he ignores two of them. However he does refer to the ice-core samples. He claims that they are only went back to approx. 1600 AD* (however, he also notes that he is working from memory here).

The rest of his email is filled up with why tree ring data doesn't work, and a reconfirmation that Mann denies the existence of the medieval warm period. Quite ironically he calls the Mann paper junk science.

* This observation is quite interesting. The way that Mann summarises the proxies that he uses, could be interpreted as the ice cores only being a bit under five hundred years old, however upon a closer inspection of the paper, it becomes clear that the ice core data starts just before 500 AD. Daly could have well made this mistake, and this in itself isn't an example of dishonesty, but in order to make this mistake, one must have read the whole paper, not just the abstract. There goes one of my suspicions - that Daly had read the abstract, and then just filled out details from his imagination. This is strong evidence for Daly deliberately misinterpreting the Mann paper, rather than just being a bad researcher.
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