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Sunday, April 13, 2003
Post War World

Now that the war in Iraq is starting to wind down, hopefully reconstruction efforts will start to gather pace soon. However it is interesting to look at other dictatorships and see how they respond to the recent events. The of the selling points of the war, was that it would encourage democracy in the Middle East. Hopefully, this will be so.

However, there are some discouraging signs. The other two members of the axis of evil have accelerated their nuclear programs. This can only be bad, but it makes sense. I bet Saddam wishes he had a couple of nukes. Other dictatorships, such as Cuba and Vietnam, appear to be tightening up on dissent. If this repression is to be a permeant thing, rather than a one off, this will be incredibly bad, as gradual evolution into a liberal state is the best hope for these countries.

However, like all things, only time will tell whether or not the war in Iraq was overall positive or negative for the people on this planet.
| 1:52 PM