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Wednesday, June 25, 2003
Andrew Wilkie

Given that this blog has strongly suspected that ex-Australian Intelligence officer Andrew Wilkie's description of Iraqi WMD, it is interesting to see certain commentators do their best to smear him for not knowing much about Iraqi WMD (he had only written one ONA report on Iraq- incidentally one more than what Andrew Bolt or Prof. Bunyip have ever written, but that's not the point).

This is his description of his expertise:

I was employed as a military strategic analyst effectively in the strategic analysis branch, not the transnational issues branch. Hence, it was in that role that I was on standby to work on Iraq. I have also worked specifically on weapons of mass destruction, which I think is a very important point that has been omitted from that letter. Specifically, in 1998 I prepared the ONA assessment for government on WMD in terrorism and I attended the Quadripartite Working Group on WMD held in the UK at Cheltenham, at GCHQ. More recently, I represented ONA at the Annual Australian Intelligence Agency's WMD Working Group held at the Australian Secret Intelligence Service's training facility. Finally, in my role as the senior transnational issues analyst I had access to virtually all of the Iraq database because my work involving global terrorism and people movements was very related to Iraq. I would not wish that single report I wrote to be under-estimated. That was the benchmark report for the Australian Government on the potential humanitarian implications of a war in Iraq, which required me to explore in some detail Saddam's regime and what his capabilities were, including his weapons of mass destruction capability. It was not just talking about refugee flows, it was talking about how the war might be fought and, hence, what the humanitarian consequences might be as it played out.

It's worth reading the whole transcript, which can be found here. Also of interest is Mr Al-Marashi transcript which is just below Wilkie's.

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