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Thursday, June 19, 2003
Global Warming

Since I've written a fair bit about global warming, I've decided to created a post summarising what I've written. I've already posted this, but that was ages ago, so it's probably time to update it.

Global warming, is an interest of mine, and consequently, I've posted a fair bit on it.

As also with science, it's important to test predictions. Here's one. This post compares IPCC predicted vs. observed atmospheric CO2 levels. Likewise here for sea level rises.

A selection of interesting links on global warming can be found here, and here.

There is some stuff on the costs of the Kyoto protocol for Italy here. And here's a post on the costs of not doing anything about global warming, sea levels in this case.

I've been meaning to monitor global temperatures (translation: link to other websites) for a while. Here's the first post on this.

Here's some posts (links) on the relationship between the sun and global warming.

What a comparison between global warming skeptics and creationists? Here you go. Here's another one.

A couple of economists have critiqued the economic modeling behind the IPCC global warming scenarios. I started to lay out a case against them, but never got round to doing most of it. But anyway, this post introduces the models used by the IPCC, and this post compares predicted growth rates vs. historically observed growth rates. I've also looked at their claims in a series of posts which can be found here, here, and here. I've also debated this with Sylvain Galineau, over at his old site. However it's crashed taking all of the old posts with it. A couple of posts on my site can be found here and here. Ken Parish has also commented on economics and the IPCC. I've replied to some of his points here, here and here. The IPCC have also responded to Castles and Henderson.

John Daly is a Australian global warming skeptic. At the request of Ken Parish (which was in turn induced by this post on the medieval warm period), I've looked at detail into one of his articles. Here, here, here, and here are a series of posts covering my comments on this article. These posts are summarised here. In order to get Daly's opinion on some of the sources of information he used, I emailed him twice. He replied to my second email, but since then has stopped responding. Here's a summary of his last (and only) email to me.

Another Australian global warming denier (and blogger) is Dr Aaron Oakley. I make fun of one of his posts here. We have also clashed over at John Quiggin's blog. For more fun making of a another reality denier, check out this post.

It's been suggested that the sun plays a greater role in global warming, than previously thought. Anybody interested in this, should find this post interesting. Likewise for this one.

Global warming effects the world in a number of ways. Here's a post on the recent drought and global warming.

What started out as a mild interest appears to be taking over my life...

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