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Friday, June 20, 2003

In an address to the IPCC Ian Castles states:

Although I have spent most of my life working for the Australian Governments, I need to make it clear that I am not now affiliated with any government agency, nor indeed with any other organisation involved in climate change matters.

Meanwhile from the Lavoisier Group's 2002 President's Report:

Two of our members, Bob Foster and Ian Castles, represented the Lavoisier Group at a workshop conducted by the Australian Academy for Technological Sciences and Engineering (AATSE) to review an Addendum to their 1995 Report on Climate Change on April 4 last.


There is a new development, however, in the Kyoto debate which may be just as important as the debate about the science. One of our members, Ian Castles AO, who was formerly Australian Statistician, and who is internationally recognised for his expertise in the field of comparative statistics, took it upon himself to examine carefully the assumptions and methodology behind the IPCC's predictions of global CO2 emissions during the 21st century.

Hmmm.... this sounds dodgy. Perhaps Ian Castles left between the Presidents Report (10th Sept, 2002) and his speech to the IPCC (10th Jan, 2003). If this is the case, at best, it can be said that Castles is being very misleading.


Castles Address To the IPCC (pdf file).
The Lavoisier Group Website, doesn't support deep-linking, so go here and search for their President's Report.
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