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Wednesday, June 04, 2003
Polonium Haloes

Most creationist arguments are pretty stupid and most people can quickly pick fairly substantial holes in them. However, a problem arises when they start to sound technical. A good example of this, is the creationist use of the second law of thermodynamics. While it would get most chemists and physicists spitting tacks, the argument sounds quite convincing to people who don't have a basic familiarity with thermodynamics. This is where a good database of information which is readily available on the internet comes in handy.

An interested person can quickly type in some keywords into google and find themselves at (the best site on the whole internet, IMHO), and receive massive amounts of information presenting the mainstream scientific case.

While I know a reasonable amount on thermodynamics, my knowledge of geology is basically nonexistent, so another creationist argument, that is Polonium Haloes has been problematic for me. While I've never meet a creationist who can't resist throwing some easily refutable BS into the mix, I've never been able to land a blow on the important parts of the Po-halo argument.

Hence, this recent article on talkorigins is a godsend for me.
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