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Saturday, July 12, 2003
AIDS and Idiots

It's been my belief that far too many right wingers, in their haste to bash left wingers, use some really dumb arguments.

Aaron Oakley, who is always available to say something stupid, approvingly cites the following:

Everyone's moaning about how AIDS is ravaging Africa blah blah blah, but not many people are freaking out about the continent's real serial killer, malaria (annual mortality: 1 million people).


Because the cure for malaria is DDT, and DDT is, as we all know, A Bad Thing.

The purpose of this post, isn't to debate whether or not DDT should be used in Africa - I haven't done any research into it, and I don't give Oakley any credit for having an honesty and objective point of view, so all that I'll say is that I don't know what the answer is. Rather the point of this post is too make fun of Oakley for apparently not realising that AIDS is doing significantly more damage to Africa than Malaria.

It takes all of 2 minutes of googling to find the World Health Organisation statistics on AIDS worldwide. From this we find that in sub-Saharan Africa AIDS killed an estimated 2.2 million in 2001. I don't know what planet Oakley lives on, but here on earth, 2.2 million is greater than 1 million.

While it is true that malaria has a massive damaging effect on Africa, to downplay the effects of AIDS, in order to bash environmentalists is just plain stupid.
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