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Tuesday, July 01, 2003
Fighting the Lefties In One's Mind

Alan Anderson has an interesting post on the uranium centrifuge components found in Iraq.

To quote from it:

"Oh, but Alan, it's not an actual bomb; you don't know whether he would ever have used the centrifuges, etc, etc."

To which I reply, "Shut up, you leftie morons. The point is that he was hiding stuff, just as we thought. We couldn't know what, precisely because he was hiding it, and Hans Blix wasn't about to excavate the back yard of every scientist in Iraq. But we weren't about to take the risk. Now you've got evidence that he was trying to deceive us, so you can take your leftie whinging and shove it up where it belongs, together with your dole cheque, you parasitic communist losers."

It's good to see that Alan is fighting strongly against these left-wing sprites who come and make completely stupid statements, which are conveniently easy for him to knock down. While the phantasms may make arguments like this, serious people don't.

And maybe someday, Alan could stop drinking his bong water, and join the rest of us in the real world.
| 7:31 PM