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Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Media and Real Life

Following my post of inaccurate reporting of the World Meteorology Organisation, I came across another example.

The BBC has a story titled SA Aids deaths report leaked. So far, no problem. The first paragraph, however tweaked my interest.

The lives of 1.7 million South Africans could be saved in the next seven years if the government made anti-Aids drugs universally available immediately, an unpublished government study suggests.

It all sounded interesting, so I hunted down a copy of the leaked report (a summary of it, at least). Here's what it's got to say:

At 100% people receiving ARV therapy, 1,7 million deaths would be deferred.

Deferring a death, is considerably different from saving a life. The report considerers that a death is deferred if it is delayed until after 2010.

This isn't to say that anti-retrovirus therapy isn't that useful. The biggest benefit (in my opinion) is the effect on children. Children with HIV infected parents will have more contact with their parents, as a result of the therapy. Additional, children with HIV mothers will have a higher chance of being HIV negative.
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