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Tuesday, July 15, 2003
The Politics Of Smear

It's good to see that Professor Bunyip is as braindead as usual.

Joseph Wilson, a ex-US ambassador to Niger has recently written about his trip to Niger at the request of the CIA to investigate claims that Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger. His conclusion was that they didn't. And this makes the Bush administration look bad.

Naturally, this isn't good for propagandists such as Bunyip, so what does he do?

Refute any part of Wilson's story? No. Refute the significance of Wilson's story? No. Claim that Wilson "is no disinterested career diplomat — he's a pro-Saudi, leftist partisan with an ax to grind". Yes.

Why am I reminded of his earlier post which tried to deny Andrew Wilkie's knowledge of Iraqi WMD, while omitting that Wilkie studied WMD for the ONA.
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