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Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Predicting Terrorism

Apparently, DARPA is trying to create a idea futures market for events in the Middle East. Naturally this leads to many opportunities to take the piss out of this project. Because it's late, I'm not going to think up any myself, but will rather quote from some slashdot posts.

you hit three or four correct terrorist acts and the next thing you know you're in an orange jumpsuit overlooking guantanamo bay.


I think any organization bright enough to pull off a major terrorist act would also be bright enough not to make a bet with the pentagon about when and where it would happen.

--Fred IV

"Woot! Car Bomb in Riyadh! That pays 100-1, guess I shouldn't have sat on that report about Saudi terrorists."

--typical geek

If al-quieda sign up will they get taken to court for insider trading?


So this is what they mean when they talk about a "peace dividend". I never realised it was quite so literal.

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