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Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Themes In PseudoScience

Anyone familar with more than one variety of pseudoscience, should be well aware of themes that run through them.

One of them is to point out that whatever scientific theory is inconvient to your political beliefs is just a "theory". Well this is often presented as the killer point, what it really indicates that the person doesn't understand how science works (here's a hint, gravity is also a theory).

Hence it's always amusing to see Sylvain Galineau write "and that is one of the beauties of Global Warming Theory. (Yes, it still is a theory and will be labelled as such by yours truly until further notice; just like that "second" U.N. Resolution was actually the 19th; see a pattern ?...Anyway...)"

And then there is the question of sources. Sylvain uses Ann Coulter as a scientific source. Speaks for itself really.

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