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Friday, August 22, 2003
Facial Recognition

According to this article the city of Tampa has given up on it's program which combined cameras, facial recognition software, and a database of thousands of wanted people.

Apparently after two years, it yielded no positive identifications and no arrests

Or put another way:

Police are at a loss to explain why the software wasn't effective, since it seemed to work fine in controlled testing.

The technology is still used in other cities in the US, with some amazing results:

The airport, jail and jail visitation areas in Pinellas County are using it, but it has never resulted in an arrest, officials said.

Virginia Beach, Va., installed the software on closed-circuit cameras along the city's boardwalk last summer. While it has never produced a hit or an arrest, police spokesman Sgt. Max Hayden said it performed well in controlled tests and may be a deterrent to criminals. Signs along the boardwalk inform visitors of its use.

What interests me, is how many false positives these systems have produced?
| 12:23 AM