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Friday, August 22, 2003
Howard Backs Down on North Korea - "Weapons Threat Real This Time"

The Chaser has once again proved that they are the best. This article has some gems:

Prime Minister John Howard has expressed extreme caution on the possibility of joining any aggressive action against rogue state North Korea, pointing to their likely possession of ‘actual’ weapons

Recent intelligence reports have suggested that North Korea’s nuclear program has produced enough plutonium for up to twelve atomic bombs. According to Howard, this makes a war against Korea infinitely more dangerous than the one waged against Iraq, which possessed enough plutonium to produce three or four glowsticks.


Critics suggest a cowardly stance could weaken our ties with the US, a view Mr Howard rejects, asserting that whatever damage a weakened ANZUS alliance does to the nation, “it couldn’t do as much damage as North Korea’s barrage of nuclear annihlation.”

And what's even better about the Chaser is that their TV show, CNNNN really pisses off Tim Blair.
| 3:53 PM