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Monday, August 25, 2003
Ten Famous Aussies

As part of Scott Wickstein's project, I've put together my list of ten influential Australians from the 20th Century. As a New Zealander, my knowledge of Australian history is pretty piss-poor, so expect lots of holes in this list.

Fred Hollows - virtually all of my Australian friends have described him as an inspiration. Plus he's a Kiwi :)
Peter Singer - I don't agree with his philosophical views on animal rights, but it would be hard to make the case that they haven't been influential.
Alan Walsh - Atomic absorption spectroscopy has had a massive influence on analytical science.
Mark Oliphant - Australian nuclear physics would be a shadow of where it is today, without his efforts.
Pauline Hanson - Love her or hate her (and there doesn't seem to be very much in-between these poles) she is the perfect symbol for a side of Australia, that most Australians would prefer to forget.
Eddie Mabo - for overturning an convenient fiction.
Frank Fenner - for his role in expanding the science of virology, both in the theoretical and practical sense.
Peter Garret - One of the few Aussie entertainers (AC/DC give him competition for this cite) who has had such a long run of success inside and outside of Australia. Also for his environmentalism.
Cathy Freeman - One of Australia's more well known Aborigines. A role model in a area where they are desperately needed. Plus she's such a nice person.
Germaine Greer - Similar to Peter Singer, has influenced a ton of people.
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