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Tuesday, August 19, 2003
Windschuttle Links

The allegations by Keith Windschuttle on Australian history have interested, so now seems like a good time to start collecting links etc. The following is a very slightly modified comment that I left over at the Armadillo.

Bain Attwood, has suggested that Windschuttle has misrepresented the views of the historians that he refutes (for example, Reynolds has argued against genocide occurring in Tasmania, and Ryan uses the term genocide in a very different context than what Windschuttle has).

Shane Breen (pdf) has argued that Windschuttle gets many of his facts on the Tasmania Aborigines wrong - such as not discovering fire, Windschuttle cites research that even it's author has stated is wrong.

H.A. Willis has suggested that Windschuttle has missed many Aborigine deaths. He has put together a table here with some notes on it here.

Finally, Mark Finnane has demonstrated that if you use Windschuttle's numbers, it becomes clear that Tasmania was a incredible violent place (this arises because Windschuttle has used low estimates of both death rates and total population). I would suggest that if Willis casualty list was used instead of Windschuttles, the violence levels would be some of the highest in recorded history.

I'm starting to suspect that, Henry Reynolds is closest to the truth.
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