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Monday, September 22, 2003
Green Energy

Australia's premier pseudo-scientific blogger, Aaron Oakley, has published a post titled "Green ideology kills" where he blames the recent heat deaths in France on a lack of cheap power* - which in turn he blames on environmentalists (surprise surprise there, they also steal one sock of his from every pair).

It must require a great deal of faith on Aaron's part to write this sort of rubbish. The concept of France as a rich nation, easily able to afford it's power bills, isn't particular taxing.

In all reality, the heat deaths in France, are probably more cultural than anything. It isn't that the heat wave is particularly hot by global standards, but rather was unexpected** If France got this hot every year, then the number of deaths would be far lower. Why? Not because electricity prices would go down, but rather because people would adapt. Air conditioning would be more popular, as would ceiling fans. People would eat more ice cream, and construct houses which let the breeze through more effectively.

* Ironically, Frances low consumption of fossils fuels is more due to their widespread use of nuclear power, than the types of energy advocated by most environmentalists - but Aaron's never lets facts get in the way of a good rant.

** For this reason, the events in France, aren't particular applicable for a comparison with global warming.
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