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Sunday, October 05, 2003
Hello and Updates

Sorry about the dearth of posts, but I've been busy on other stuff.

And now, here's a couple of updates:

Professor Aynsley Kellow has reply to my letter, unfortunately, he didn't give permission for me to post it here, because it really is a work of art. To summarise a few highlights:

* apparently, using the modern temperature record to calibrate and validate one's reconstruction is equilivent to grafting it on.

* he is aware of the events at Climate Research after the publication of the Soon et al paper. Despite the resignation of five editors over the peer review process used to assay the Soon paper, the paper still underwent considerable peer review.

On a similar note, Ken Parish of Troppo Armadillo, has sized on an earlier post of mine, which stated that I wasn't impressed with the recent Ian Plimer article in the Oz, and has started a flame war. It's all good fun with lots of accusations flying around.
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