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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
And Around We Go Again...

Carrying on with the soup opera which is the Mann vs. McIntyre and McKitrick. have stated on their papers website that they will respond soon to Mann, Bradley and Hughes rebuttal.

This should get interesting.

As I see it, they could go in two directions;

1) Find significant errors in Mann and co's rebuttal, which render it's conclusion (that their work is flawed because it misses out important data, and a lack of error analysis) moot; or

2) Attack Mann for not being super helpful to them during their correspondence.

The first possibility would be the most interesting. Given that Mann results have been obtained by other research groups, I would suspect that option 2 is more likely.

On a similar theme, Quark Soup is currently savaging Iain Murray of the Competitive Enterprise Institute for an essay which compares Michael Mann to Michael Bellesiles. Personally, I think that David is being a bit harsh on Murray for writing an essay, without proper research. Given that the climate change skeptic who knows what they are talking about, can be counted on one hand it seems a bit unreasonable to expect Murray to actually have a clue.

On the other hand, Murray deserves an award for being a sanctimonious prick for publishing the piece, finding out about Mann's response, and then agreeing to a article by Fred Singer which calls for giving both sides ample time to sort out their disagreements.
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