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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
I Know I Shouldn't, But...

The following is a slightly comment that I left on Quark Soup:

Since we are on the topic of Murray, M&M paper was made public on the 28th October, MBH responds on the 1st November, Murray compares them to Michael Bellesiles on the 3rd, apparently unaware of their response (he is however, aware that they are in the process of writing one). Later on that day (after become aware that that the results which he jumped on have been refuted), he favorable quotes Fred Singer, who is saying that M&M should be given time to respond, and that we shouldn't jump to conclusions.

I think that there is an "h" word which describes people like him.

I think that it gives a good summary of the consistence and balance shown by this particular global warming skeptic.
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