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Sunday, November 02, 2003
More Lawsuits Threats Against Blogs

Following on the example of Paul Krugman's stalker, Donald Luskin, comes Theodor Landscheidt (you can read some of his works on John Daly's site), who has threatened Quark Soup with a lawsuit, for describing him as an astrologer. What is it with complete jokes, who have to respond to criticism with threats of lawsuits?

Quark Soup's response was simple. Provide a link to this article written by Landscheidt where the bio details state:

This article appeared in Considerations volume X number 4, October-December 1995. The author is a retired high court judge, hypnotist and scientist, who has been an astrologer since 1956. He is an elected member of the New York Academy of Sciences, and recipient of both the Dewey Institute of Cycles research award and the Marc Edmund Jones award. Dr. Landscheid’s books include Cosmic Cybernetics and Sun-Earth-Man. He now lives in Nova Scotia
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