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Monday, December 15, 2003
John Lott

While we are covering old news, Tim Lambert has destroyed any possible remnants of John Lott's credibility. Lott has apparently been posting reviews of his and other people books all over the web under an assumed name. If the evidence for this wasn't so strong, I'd be inclined to disbelieve it, simply because it seems impossible for one person to be so stupid, especially given that he started writing these reviews just after having been outed as Mary Rosh.

Anyway these articles; Reviewer: A reader from Swarthmore, PA USA, The other sock drops, Lott reviews “More Guns, Less Crime” again and again and again, Google’s cache is sooo useful, More Lott self reviews and Lott’s secret war on Gary Kleck, pretty much sum it up.
| 6:36 PM