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Thursday, April 03, 2003
You Know You're Doing Something Right, When Everybody Hates You

Al-Jazeera has considerably scaled back their Iraq coverage after one of their reporters was expelled. They are doing the principled thing.

While many people have accused them of a pro-Iraqi bias, they have always struck me as being pretty independent of both of a pro-Iraqi slant or the pro-US group-think that pervades the US networks.
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Wednesday, April 02, 2003
I Hope This Ones an April Fools Day Joke

According to this Guardian article post war Iraq will be govered by 23 ministries, each headed by an American, with several (US picked) Iraqi advisors. The overall head will be former General Jay Garner As the Coalition liberates cities they will be handed over to the post war government.

Hopefully, the Brits and the Aussies can convince Bush to give the UN a significantly bigger role.
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Iraq in Bible Prophesy

This bit of spam got through my filters, and it amused me enough to repost the Biblical Prophesies on Iraq here"

Never before in history has a nation paid families $25,000 dollars to send
their child out strapped with dynamite to blow up innocent people; use gas
and chemical weapons to destroy cities of her own people, not torture, rape
and mutilate as Iraq has done.

New Age astrology, the Catholic's celibate priesthood, and Islamic worship of
the moon god all originated in Babylon and have spread to 3 billion people.

Iraq's giant oil fields have enable her to start two recessions and now
threatens to send the price of oil to $100 a barrel and start a world-wide

The Revelation says that death will rise from Iraq's Euphrates to rain death
on one third of the world's population in 60 minutes of human history.
Neither inspectors nor armies can prevent this-they can only delay it.

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John Daly

It's been a while since I emailed John Daly about his article on the Mann paper (archive), and he hasn't replied, so I'll try him again.

Dear Mr Daly,

I emailed you almost two weeks ago regarding your article "The Hockey Stick: A New Low in Climate Science", however as I haven't received a reply, I assume that either my email, or your reply has somehow got lost.

Here is the text of my original email:

"I have recently read your article "The Hockey Stick: A New Low in Climate Science", and there are some matters which concern me.

In the article, you make several claims:

"Using tree rings as a basis for assessing past temperature changes back to the year 1,000 AD, supplemented by other proxies from more recent centuries, Mann completely redrew the history, turning the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age into non-events, consigned to a kind of Orwellian `memory hole'..."

"At that point, Mann completed the coup and crudely grafted the surface temperature record of the 20th century (shown in red and itself largely the product of urban heat islands) onto the pre-1900 tree ring record."

Both of which are untrue according to the paper which Mann and coworkers published in 1999 (several ice-core proxies were used, the MWP and LIA were specifically noted, and the surface temperature record was not grafted onto the tree-ring record (which extends past 1900)).

My immediate guess is that your article was written with only the Mann paper abstract and the graph which you republish in your report. I was wondering if you could please comment on your source of information on the Mann paper, and any subsequent thoughts on the Mann reconstruction of past temperatures.

Thank you for your time,

Ken Miles"

Once again, I must thank you for your time,

Yours sincerely,

Ken Miles

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Michael Moore

I've been semi-planning to do a post on Michael Moore for a while, but haven't been able to really work out what I want to say about him. However Tim Stevens has posted an excellent little bit on him, to which I can only add "yeah, what he said".
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Quote of the Day

Somewhere along the line, though, we just kind of said, 'Ah, fuck it.'"

-- Ari Fleischer on why the Whitehouse isn't bothering to hide favours to Halliburton.
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Lott Does a Lomborg

John Lott, on the More Guns, Less Crime infamy, has just published a new book titled "The Bias Against Guns". This review by David Hemenway is pretty devastating, and assuming that the claims in it hold up, should destroy any residue credibility that Lott has among anyone but the most extreme ideologues.

(Link courtesy of Tim Lambert)
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Monday, March 31, 2003
Clayton Cramer is a Intellectual Coward

One type of behavior which really annoys me is slurring a large diverse group with the views of a minority.

With this in mind, I've decided to flame Clayton Cramer (not because he's more or less guilty of this than many other bloggers, but rather I have to pick on somebody, so why not him?).

I'll make my case by selecting a headline from his blog:

"A Heart-Warming Story To Upset Peace Activists Everywhere" which is followed by a story of Iraq's giving US troops food.

My gripe, is that the vast majority of peace activists wouldn't be upset by the thought of Iraqi's liking US soldiers. A small minority would be, but to slander the majority of peace activists with this POV, would be like stating that Murray from Silent Running speaks for all pro-war people.

In my non-so humble opinion, this slandering should only be used by those too cowardly to engage in honest debate.

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Apparently some Kuwaiti officials suspect that the missile that recently hit Kuwait was a US missile, not Iraqi.

The Czech chemical weapon team has got the fragments, and should be able to work out the origin of the missile.
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Quote of the Day

You can't pound the drums for war by saying Saddam is Hitler and then act surprised when he proves ruthless on the battlefield.

-- Maureen Dowd
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Whinging Aussies

Steward Kelly wants to improve his evolutionary status in the blogosphere.

Before complaining, he should spare a thought for those poor iron-sulphide complexes stuck at 1249th place, sandwiched inbetween swerdloff and a site which appears to link to the MSNBC news.
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